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A Way to Prevent Elevator Accidents

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FSSG- Fail Safe Safety Guard, a way to prevents accidents resulting from Human Error


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FSSG Prevent Elevator Accidents

FSSG Prevents Elevator run with open Doors, as a result of either Door lock Bypass or Brake Failure or the occurrence of both at the same time

FSSG includes Door Locks Bypass &  Brake monitoring

 No need for Sensors on Brake pads

 No need any controller modification,

 Swift & Easy Installation, Ideal for existing Elevators

  Detection is Independent off Car Door Position

FSSG Adaptable to all types of Elevator controllers

FSSG is the only device that

 Upon By-pass detection, automatically disable Normal elevator operation and keep it out of public service until Bypass is removed, Yet Inspection operation remain operational

 Signals the Elevator Technician to remove By-pass when it’s no longer needed, (when faulty door lock repaired and door locks circuit is made (closed))

 Keeps UCM active even when Door Locks By-pass exist

FSSG is:

Patented,  UL Certified and SIL rated device

Serially connected to door locks circuits

Excluding any Electronics devices

 Constantly monitors any attempt to By-pass the FSSG device, any such attempt result with Elevator shutdown

FSSG also Includes

            Car gate separation from door lock circuits, where Car gate &Doorlocks                  circuits are connected in a single daisy chain

Monitoring  the full safety chain  as required with modern and old used elevators :                Bottom door, intermediate doors , Top door and Car door, with the consideration                for Pre opening & re levelling with open door(s) and A17.1 Firefighter Phase

NEW - Submit Failure messages via GSM (optional)

FSSG is Code compliant with New York City New Rule  NYCBC-2014, as per LL 141, Section 3.10.12

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